Our Five-Step Process
At Investor’s Resource, we don’t just invest for you, or create a retirement plan. We’re here to be your trusted partner for life: listening to you, guiding you, and helping you reach your lifetime goals. To do this, we need to get to know you, understand your goals, and your personal definition of success. Our five-step consultative process is designed to do just that through the following five meetings.
1 The Discovery Meeting is our introductory meeting during which we will cover seven different aspects of life to get a clear understanding of what’s important to you.
2 During the Investment Plan Meeting, we’ll deliver a complete profile of you and your family, offer recommendations for your investment portfolio, and discuss all relevant wealth management issues.
3 If all parties decide to move forward with a long-term relationship, we will have a comprehensive discussion about how we will work together during our Mutual Commitment Meeting.
4 A 45-day, Follow-up Meeting will be held to reaffirm the investment strategy and determine how you would like to receive communications and updates from us going forward.
5 We will also hold Regular Progress Meetings to discuss progress, life changes, and any adjustments we recommend for your plan.

The Power of Independence

Technology really has transformed the financial services industry. Today’s brave new world of investing gives clients multiple lanes of access, advisors assimilation, and due diligence tools we never dreamed of a decade or so ago. Technology has given clients the ability to hold money in multiple places, access services offered by respected national companies, and have complete visibility into all their investments.
Words like multi-custodian, independent RIA, and hybrid RIA still aren’t household words today, but they are where the industry is going.
At Investor’s Resource, we’ve always believed in independence. Our CEO has operated for three decades in the independent financial advisory channels. We are proud to continue to be at the forefront of change in our industry with the skills, tools, and expertise to fulfill our commitment to our clients like no one else.
It is through our service, technology, and compliance partner, RFG Advisory, we are able to maintain our independence and make choices for our clients based on what’s best for them, not “the company.”