Beyond Investing
Equating financial planning with a road is a well-worn analogy in this business. We’re getting you from point A to point B in your life. Plan today and chart your course for tomorrow.
But the thing is, there isn’t just one road. Life is not linear. There are many avenues and byways and paths that must be navigated simultaneously in order achieve all your goals. That’s goals — plural — because most people don’t have just one goal in life.
Sure, a financially secure retirement is a goal, but it’s not “the” goal. Leaving a legacy is a goal, but not “the” goal. We believe this type of tunnel vision is where the financial industry gets it wrong. Or, it’s where most financial advisors stop. At Investor’s Resource, it’s where we start.
We aren’t just in the business of managing your money, or building and preserving wealth. We don’t just plan for retirement or protect your estate. We understand you have many things you want to do and accomplish on your way to your own personal definition of success and vision of life. We take all of that into account — all your roads — to create a truly holistic life itinerary you can follow as you work toward true fulfillment and accomplishment.
We call it VisionMapping and it goes beyond financial planning or investing. It’s the thoughtful creation of a comprehensive life plan so you can be educated and prepared to walk the many roads of life with confidence, live your best life every day, and leave behind something much richer than just money.
It includes investing, contingency planning, longevity planning, estate planning, and sharing your goals and values with your family so they can walk in your footsteps. It also includes preparing your family — or those closest to you — for life’s progression. It’s meaningful, personal, powerful, and will help guide you to realization, clarity, and reward.

Family Network Clients
Treating Families Like Family
We rarely have a ‘client.’ We’ve never worked with a singular person who wants us to manage and grow their wealth exclusively for them.
No, we typically serve families. Whether traditional or business families, many of our clients are tightly knit networks of loved ones, dear friends, or colleagues who all factor into each other’s decisions about growing, building, and protecting their hard-earned wealth. Over the years they’ve looked to us for multiple decades to bring them more than just portfolio advice. In many ways, they’ve become family to us.
Yes, our goal is to help you manage and protect your wealth. But beyond that, we want to join you on your life journey and play a key role in helping you decide which road you take. Whether you use all our services or just a select few, we will strive to have an impact that is so much more than commas and zeros in your account balance.
Services Include:
  • Wealth and Investment Management
  • Wealth Enhancement and Planning
  • Wealth Protection
  • Wealth Transfer and Charitable Giving

Prospective Advisors
Building Partners
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